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About the Music Centre

PercussionSpirit Music Centre is specially tailored for percussion enthusiasts. The aim of the centre is to let every percussion lover stretch his musical ability and enjoy the fun of playing percussion ensemble with each other.

The centre provides numerous types of services including instrumental instruction, ensemble coaching, percussion performance, music promotion, outreach programs with other organizations and schools, etc. We cater the learning needs of different social classes by encouraging group instruction. Our over-10-years experienced instructor team is keep evolving a group instruction method which values economy, efficiency, fun and catering students with different backgrounds.

The centre is located at Cheung Sha Wan district, where is easy to get to by public transportation. The place is spacious and comfortable. Vast amount of percussion instruments are available for classes, practice and ensemble. Have fun!

Organizations that we have worked with

  • 東華三院 – E大調長者音樂計劃 / 青少年環保敲擊樂工作坊
  • 康樂及文化事務署 – 主題敲擊樂表演
  • 保良局 – 兒童環保敲擊樂工作坊
  • 大昌行集團 – 為員工訓練敲擊樂隊表演
  • 星期六爵士大樂團 – 爵士樂工作坊



不論敲擊樂班或鼓班均為一人一樂器, 不用輪候。


中心擁有多間練習房, 其中大房可容納30人。


總監兼導師KC畢業於美國著名敲擊學院, 並有十年以上之演出及教學經驗。


課程經過精心規劃, 採用電腦輔助, 能持續評估個別學生並依其能力給予適當功課。

Performance Clips

Student Concert 2019

Student Concert 2017

Bucket Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble

Kitchenware Ensemble

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