Encore Mallets – NZ3R



Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Nancy Zeltsman Series

Handle: Rattan

Hardness: Medium Hard

Colour: Lt. Green


The Encore NZ3R Nancy Zeltsman “Medium Hard” mallets are the most versatile mallets in the line. They sound excellent in all registers, particularly the middle of the instrument (from about C3 to C6). As a side note, NZ3’s are especially valuable to have in your collection at different levels of wear. An old NZ3 is essentially an “NZ2.5”!

One unique characteristic of my line is that the oval-shape of the mallet head is horizontal rather than vertical. I imagine (and maybe it’s true) that the width of the mallet activates more of the vertical grains of wood in every bar-thus contributing to a richer tone. Everything about the construction of my line of mallets-from the cores, to the latex, to the type of yarn-is aimed at helping you to produce a fundamental-rich tone.

– Nancy Zeltsman