Encore Mallets – NZ1B



Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Nancy Zeltsman Series

Handle: Birch

Hardness: Hard

Colour: Light Blue


The Encore NZ1B Nancy Zeltsman “Hard” mallets are very bright, and ideal for cutting through while retaining a “marimba tone” (as opposed to a xylophone tone). They sound particularly clear and beautiful for soft playing in the highest register. Birch Handles.

One unique characteristic of my line is that the oval-shape of the mallet head is horizontal rather than vertical. I imagine (and maybe it’s true) that the width of the mallet activates more of the vertical grains of wood in every bar-thus contributing to a richer tone. Everything about the construction of my line of mallets-from the cores, to the latex, to the type of yarn-is aimed at helping you to produce a fundamental-rich tone.

– Nancy Zeltsman