Encore Mallets – BC10



Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Bryan Carrott Vibe Mallets

Handle: Rattan

Hardness: Medium Hard

Colour: Gray


Encore BC10 Bryan Carrott Mallets feature Medium Hard Heads for Vibraphone.
Designed in conjunction with the internationally renowned mallet percussionist Bryan Carrott, the BC Series features weighted heads that are heavier than the heads of the DW Series.
The disk shaped heads are composed of latex wrapped cores and extremely durable thread-like cord.
For a bright, round, rich fundamental sound, Bryan Carrott Series vibraphone mallets are a serious choice both in the jazz club and concert hall. Medium hard, with rattan shafts.

“Whether on stage or in the studio, as a lead and rhythm section player, I look to combine clarity and sound quality. Dan Lidster has carefully designed and masterfully crafted the mallets that best give me that winning combination. Bravo maestro!” – Bryan Carrott, performer, educator