Encore Mallets – AJHV




Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Allan Joanis VIBE Series

Handle: Rattan

Hardness: Hard



The Allan Joanis vibe mallets have hand wrapped latex cores and 100% hemp cord.

“The AJ line of marimba and vibe mallets provide a full sound without sacrificing articulation at each level of hardness. My composition process has changed since switching to this line of mallets because I am accustomed to having to choose between fullness of sound and articulation. The soft mallets get a full sound in the low end with a clear level of articulation while the extra hard mallets have a full bodied sound without an obnoxious attack. The construction of the mallets are durable yet still retain the desirable qualities and attention to detail that come from a hand made line of mallets.”
– Allen Joanis, Surround Sound director; composer and drill writer through JW3