Encore Mallets – 81B



Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Unwound Series

Handle: Birch

Hardness: 1-1/8″ Extra Hard PVC

Colour: Gray


ncore 81B Mallets feature Grey 1 1/8″ Extra Hard Plastic PVC Heads and Birch Handles. PVC mallets sound best on synthetic xylophone bars and create a bright, clear tone.

The diversity of the materials and high quality construction of the Unwound Series provides percussionists with many sound options for musical expression on xylophone, bells, marimba, and auxiliary percussion.
Put together by the hands of skilled Encore Malletsmiths, the mallet heads of this series are made of nine different materials, including extra hard PVC, hard acetal, polyethylene, and numerious types of rubbers.