Encore Mallets – 207R



Brand: Encore Mallets, Inc.

Series: Symphonic Series

Handle: Rattan

Hardness: 1″ Phenolic

Colour: Black


Encore 207R Symphonic Series Mallets feature 1″ Phenolic Brassy Heads and Rattan Handles. Phenolic is the hardest of the plastics used in xylophone mallets delivering a fast attack and edge to the sound.

The Symphonic Series provides concert percussionists implement options to meet the many timbre demands of concert xylophone and bell performance. Professional percussionists, like Doug Wolf of the Utah Symphony Orchestra, rely on these mallets for quality sound in the studio and on the stage. “Your product has been very visible lately,” says Wolf. “…I continue to use Encore Mallets for virtually ALL of my orchestral work.”